The A303 is infamous for traffic jams and delays going past Stonehenge, especially west bound beyond Amesbury and are hard to avoid. Part of the reason for the traffic delays is that the A303 is a 2 lane dual carriageway all the way from where it leaves the M3 but, it goes down to a single carriageway until after Winterbourne Stoke. The traffic jams are bad enough during peak periods but during bank holidays, such as Easter, an awful lot of holiday makers head to the west country to counties such as Devon and Cornwall.

The other part of the problem is the Stonehenge rubber neckers. Just past where the dual carrageway merges,heading west, people get distracted by the sight of the stones, especially if they've never seen them before. Very often they will slow down to have a good look or try to take photos of the stones. There have even been reports of motorists stopping on the A303 and getting out of their cars to take photos. This lack of driving care just increases the chances of an accident.

How to avoid the Stonehenge Traffic Delays

If you're planning a trip that will take you on the A303 then you might be tempted to look at ways of avoiding the delays when you get to Stonehenge. You might even be looking at a map of the area and trying to way up alternative routes.. 

You will spot that there are a few ways that you could avoid the congestion but it will make you very unpopular with the local residents.

Please DO NOT drive through any of the surrounding villages in your efforts to avoid the traffic jams, these tiny roads and villages can't cope with an excess of traffic. Rat-running also poses an unnecessary danger to pedestrians.

There have been all sorts of plans to try and do something about the traffic congestion at Stonehenge with calls for dualling of the A303 and a bypass for Winterbourne Stoke. There has even been talk of a tunnel but I imagine that it would be a very expensive option. 

Click here for live traffic information from the AA

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